Automation powered by WALZ technology

WALZ Certified Mail Automation begins with the right technology, and we offer three distinct solutions to meet a variety of needs—with no hidden costs, annual fees or contracts.

CertifiedPro.netTM, our most popular solution, puts powerful features at your fingertips and provides:

  • Secure, online access to your Certified Mail® 
  • No downloads or updates required
  • Increase deliverability with the CASS-standardization feature
  • Both Return Receipt and RRE services
  • Access and download RRE signature images 24/7 for seven years
  • Customized user-defined fields for cross-reference, return mail routing & much more!

Remote Print & Mail (RPM)

Remote Print & Mail is perfect for Print and Mail Houses and customers who require:

  • High-volume mailings – up to 25,000 transactions at a time
  • Quick implementation into existing workflow, resources & equipment
  • Both Return Receipt & RRE services
  • Compatible with a variety of envelopes, forms & pressure seal mailers


WCM Plus enables you to:

  • Keep data behind a firewall
  • Automate processes without internet connection
  • Calculate current USPS postage rates
  • Save time inputting sender information with built-in Microsoft Word® Macro
  • Customize sender, postage and printer defaults

Features that make Certified Mail work better for you.

Certified Mail from your browser!

When introducing, we added features that take Certified Mail to the next level. You do everything else online, so why shouldn’t you be able to securely send and track your Certified Mail from the web?

Certified Mail automation

Small, large or changing volumes? No problem!

If you are looking to scale up your operation or give your mail room extra bandwidth for Certified Mail, we’ve got you covered. With Remote Print & Mail (RPM), we’ll help you take on bigger jobs with your existing resources and equipment.

Certified Mail for collections

Software that works with your current workflow!

Unlike other systems that require you to invest in new hardware or update your operating system, with our solutions, compatibility isn’t an issue. And our software options are easy to use, so there’s no need for extensive training either.

Certified Mail for collection agencies
  • "In my position, I deal with a variety of vendors, and it’s nice knowing that I don’t have to worry about my shipments from WALZ. During a decade of using the WALZ Certified Mailer form #45663, we have only had positive experiences—the customer service is exceptional, with very courteous, friendly and professional staff who are quick to respond to questions."

    Patti Calvin Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration
  • "I can’t say enough good things about WALZ Certified Mail Automation's products and customer service. In the past, I have found myself scrambling to reorder when stock ran low, but with subtle reminders and a friendly touch, WALZ takes the stress out of Certified Mail."

    Marie Bell Hirsch & Westheimer

Put our software to work and start saving today!

When you automate your Certified Mail with WALZ, not only will you save time and money, you can also get features like USPS-integrated tracking, a postage calculator, powerful reporting, and more. We’ve made Certified Mail better, faster, and easier for you.

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