The original Certified Mail® solution.

Still the best.

The Walz Certified MailerTM has become the gold standard for saving time and money. Working seamlessly with our software solutions, our forms and envelopes come in a variety of configurations—from laser forms to continuous forms, to pressure seal mailers. Our envelopes come in several sizes and window arrangements also and suits virtually every business requirement.

We stand behind our products with superior customer service and technical support. Every form and envelope has been designed for easy use, and our highly knowledgeable team is here to help ensure your Certified Mail workflow runs smoothly.

We’ve pioneered the best features in the industry.

Save $1.25 per mailing with RRE!

When it comes to proof of mailing, we give you options. While we offer mailers with traditional “Green Card” Return Receipts, many of our clients have opted to save $1.25 per mail piece by using Return Receipt Electronic (RRE).

Laser print your Certified Mail!

Turn your desktop PC and laser printer into an efficient Certified Mail workstation. Our products enable detailed tracking, work with standard business-size envelopes, and can be used with all of our software solutions.

Pay only for the products you need!

You’re not locked into a contract, and you won’t be blindsided by any hidden fees. Pay for what you need, and nothing else. Even our software is provided at no cost with your purchase of forms and envelopes.

Certified Mail Envelopes Stacked
Certified Mail Envelopes on a desk
Certified Mail Envelopes in a drawer
  • "In my position, I deal with a variety of vendors, and it’s nice knowing that I don’t have to worry about my shipments from WALZ. During a decade of using the WALZ Certified Mailer form #45663, we have only had positive experiences—the customer service is exceptional, with very courteous, friendly and professional staff who are quick to respond to questions."

    Patti Calvin Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration
  • "I can’t say enough good things about WALZ Certified Mail Automation's products and customer service. In the past, I have found myself scrambling to reorder when stock ran low, but with subtle reminders and a friendly touch, WALZ takes the stress out of Certified Mail."

    Marie Bell Hirsch & Westheimer

Experience the WALZ Certified Mailer for yourself!

We have a sample pack of products waiting for you, so there’s no reason not to try out our industry-standard forms and envelopes today. Find out why so many companies that use Certified Mail rely on WALZ Certified Mail Automation for efficiency and savings.

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