Start Automating your Certified Mail workflow today with WALZ Certified Mail Automation!

WALZ Certified Mail Automation makes it easier than ever.  With no annual fees, contracts to sign or new equipment needed, our team will provide you the information you need to get started today.

Still not convinced? Request a risk-free sample pack when you schedule a Quick Start Tour so you can try it for yourself. There’s literally nothing to lose—and many hours of productivity to gain—so let’s get started.

3 Steps to Certified Mail Automation

Here’s how we’ll help you start automating today.

With more than 30 years of helping offices and mail rooms improve efficiency and cut costs, we know Certified Mail inside and out. Our friendly and experienced team is ready to listen to your needs and provide the software and products to get you started today. After answering a few simple questions, you’ll be on your way to significant time savings on every piece of Certified Mail!

Identify your ideal Certified Mail software
Step 1 – Identify your software needs

Our solutions are compatible with virtually any system, serve any volume from small batch to print-and-mail operations, and deliver powerful features to make your Certified Mail do even more for you.

Choose your Walz Certified Mailers
Step 2 – Choose your forms and envelopes

From our industry-leading laser forms to our high-volume pressure seal solutions and a full range of Certified Mail-ready envelopes, we provide a wide variety of product options that help simplify your Certified Mail processing.

Place your first order
Step 3 – Place your order

You only pay for the mailers you need: All of our Certified Mail applications are provided at no cost with the purchase of WALZ Certified Mailer forms and envelopes. No annual fees or contracts are required.

End-to-end efficiency, powered by

WALZ Certified Mail Automation.

No specialized equipment or extra staff needed!

One of the comments we consistently hear from our clients is how easy it is to incorporate WALZ Certified Mail Automation in their offices. Without any additional investment in hardware or personnel, you’re ready to start automating today!

Turn your desktop PC and printer into an efficient Certified Mail workstation!

Our technology turns your existing office resources into a powerful system for managing Certified Mail. With little effort beyond the standard PC functions of importing data and printing labels, you already have what you need to get started.

Blends seamlessly with your existing workflow!

Unlike other technologies that are complex and demanding, you’ll experience real time-savings immediately with WALZ Certified Mail Automation that works with your existing mailing process.

Certified Mail envelopes stacked
  • "In my position, I deal with a variety of vendors, and it’s nice knowing that I don’t have to worry about my shipments from WALZ. During a decade of using the WALZ Certified Mailer form #45663, we have only had positive experiences—the customer service is exceptional, with very courteous, friendly and professional staff who are quick to respond to questions."

    Patti Calvin Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration
  • "I can’t say enough good things about WALZ Certified Mail Automation's products and customer service. In the past, I have found myself scrambling to reorder when stock ran low, but with subtle reminders and a friendly touch, WALZ takes the stress out of Certified Mail."

    Marie Bell Hirsch & Westheimer

Get back to doing the things that matter most!

With more demands than ever on our professional lives, doing Certified Mail by hand should not be one of them. Don’t wait any longer to automate your manual processes and reclaim your office hours!

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