WALZ Adds Remote Print & Mail Service for Sending Critical Mail During COVID-19 Crisis

Businesses across the nation are facing extraordinary challenges to continue operations while complying with social distancing guidelines in response to the COVID-19 crisis. For many of those who rely on the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to send important mailings, the shutdowns in have posed further difficulties as employees are dealing with limited access to dedicated mailrooms, supplies and postage meters.

Starting in June 2020, WALZ is offering a new Remote Print & Mail (RPM) service that makes it possible for businesses to maintain their critical mail operations without going to the Post Office! The RPM service option will be available from our web-based mail management service, CertifiedPro.net, and will provide the option for you to have your PDF letters printed and mailed from our secure, SOC-compliant fulfillment center—the same facility trusted by many of the largest financial institutions in the U.S.

Whether working from your home location or back in the office, the Remote Print & Mail service resolves the challenges many companies are facing by transferring the mailroom tasks to WALZ – saving valuable time to focus on other critical business needs.


In addition to the self-mailing options available for preparing and managing Priority and Certified Mail letters, our CertifiedPro.net software will offer the added convenience of uploading your mailings to our secure system for print-and-mail fulfillment. Here’s how it works:

  • Select the Remote Print & Mail option to upload PDF letters to CertifiedPro.net
  • WALZ prints the mailings from our secure facility and delivers to USPS for next-day mailing (First Class and/or Certified Mail)
  • Client receives proof of acceptance letters for each mailing
  • Access to on-demand custom tracking and reporting options

Effective June 23, 2020, Remote Print & Mail will be automatically enabled for existing CertifiedPro.net users and provides secure, 24/7 access, without having to download or install any software.


To make Remote Print & Mail available as soon as possible in CertifiedPro.net, we will be introducing the service in two phases. The service will initially include:

  • First Class Mail—up to six pages per letter
  • Certified Mail—with Return Receipt Electronic (RRE); up to six pages per letter
  • Certified Mail—no Return Receipt; up to six pages per letter
  • Black or color printing options
  • Mail PDF letter to single or multiple recipients
  • Easy access to Proof of Acceptance letters and RRE signatures
  • Tracking information stored for seven years
  • No monthly fees or minimum volumes

Soon after, the capability will expand to include the option to send Certified Mail with Return Receipt (Green Card), as well as larger mailings, up to 13 ounces (First Class and Certified Mail).



Despite the unprecedented conditions across the U.S. in 2020, we know that business must go on. WALZ has been helping clients overcome challenges with innovative solutions for more than 30 years, and we’re here to help businesses meet the demands of the COVID-19 crisis.

CertifiedPro.net is the ideal solution during a shelter-in-place crisis, with its combination of powerful features and convenient, secure access from any web browser.

Whether you need to prepare and send your own mailings or would like us to print and mail for you, save time and money by choosing CertifiedPro.net, your one-stop shop for preparing and sending critical communications.


Don’t wait to take advantage of the powerful benefits of Remote Print & Mail. If your business is new to WALZ, contact us to register your account. Then, individuals in your organization may self-register at CertifiedPro.net to start sending mailings to WALZ for fulfillment.*

* Your company’s Customer Number will need to be added to your CertifiedPro.net user accounts and can be acquired from your company’s billing representative or by contacting WALZ Customer Service for assistance at 800-381-3811 or sales@walzpostal.com.

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