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WALZ Postal Solutions offers "privately printed" Special Service Forms for clients of the United States Postal Service. Its primary product, the WALZ Certified Mailers, provides significant labor savings to our clients. While certified mail forms are "free" from the USPS, the cost of labor, as well as the exasperation in filling out the forms, is virtually eliminated with the investment in the purchase of the WALZ Certified Mailers. Since 1985, close to 100 million of the WALZ Certified Mailers have been providing a productive and efficient solution to the issues surrounding the preparation of certified mail.

There are three major elements to our long and successful track record:

A versatile product offering. We offer both multi-part tractor fed continuous forms as well as sheet fed laser forms.

Some clients just need a simple solution that they can place in a typewriter that fills in all of the forms in one pass. Our multi-part WALZ Certified Mailers provides such a solution.
Some clients do one or two transactions at a time and want to use their laser printer. A "FREE" Word and WordPerfect macro is provided that allows the user to highlight the name and address in a letter and utilize the macro to fill out a laser version of the WALZ Certified Mailers.
Even yet, some clients need the form to contain an extra certified sticker and an extra addressee label to place in the USPS Form 3877 "Firm Mailing Book", thereby eliminating manual entry again. Our "1 Up" laser WALZ Certified Mailers provides such a solution.Volume clients have at least six options depending on their needs. Some of our forms, for example, have addressee labels and some do not. Together with the technology described below, the production and preparation of these forms become almost completely automated.
Our experience in utilizing the right technology to fill out the forms. In addition to having a versatile product line, it is equally important to be able to counsel our clients on whom technology is best suited to preparing and printing the forms.
As mentioned above, our clients can utilize a "FREE" Word and WordPerfect macro.
In the majority of our large volume clients, we have been successful in assisting them in setting up the WALZ Certified Mailers on existing in-house database systems already in use.
In cases where the client is looking for a total solution including resolving the issues faced by the mail staff (filling out by hand the USPS Form 3877, Firm Mailing Book), we offer the WALZ Postal Software. Using this software, data can be imported, WALZ Certified Mailers and USPS Form 3877 printed and Return Receipts tracked when they come back.
Our sales/consulting approach. Our thousands of clients have exposed us to a wide variety of certified mail venues and uses. This exposure places us in a unique position to provide expert advice on the best forms and technology solution for our clients' certified mail needs. Our philosophy, "what is in our clients best interest is our best interest", is our mantra.

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